Do you remember when I posted this photo on Facebook? When I had seen this semi-silly dress advertised on Insta in the wee hours of the morning and delirious thought that I could buy it, look like that in it, and somehow manifest myself to Greece?

Well, guess what motherfuckahs….????…..

I booked a trip to Greece. Bought the dress. Paid a small fortune to have it hemmed. Just for this one post!

To catch everyone up, on June 6th, I was sleepless in the suburbs and scrolled upon this dress on Instagram. Fun fact about me…I love my Insta ads an abnormal amount because their algorithm sees me and gets me in a way that kind of makes them my soulmate. Anyway, this dress was no exception. I loved it. I wanted it. I wanted to be her in it. I wanted to be her in it in what, to me, looked like Greece. Well done, Insta marketers.

I took to my M.Blazoned Facebook page and shared my desire with my blog community. After that, I didn’t think much about it. Here’s the original post:

In July my husband and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary and started thinking maybe we should go away, take a real vacation, you know the ones without those pesky kids. Having gone to Disney World for our honeymoon, and stayed, I kid you not, at the Disney All Star Resort, we had always dreamed of going to Hawaii, or anywhere we wouldn’t have to wipe out our cups to reuse them at the food court. Honestly, though, funds were low and time was short and work was busy and we couldn’t quite figure out how to make anything happen.

Then, I got it in my head that we should go to Greece. We had Delta Skymiles that I refuse to use on any short flights, saving them, I thought foolishly, for some dream vacation we’d probably never take. After a few stops and starts of giving up on pulling this trip off, suddenly, we were going to frickin’ Greece.

The moment the flights were booked, I knew I had to buy the dress…for me…and for you. Because when I first posted about this dress, I had NO PLANS to take a trip to Greece. But then, I made it happen. Me. The person I’m alway beating up as not super badass. Yup. That chick made this happen.

Can you always manifest this kind of destiny? No. Especially now for us since we truly have ZERO Skymiles left! Was it easy to plan this trip and make it happen? Nope. I has to practically get certified as a travel agent to make sense of Greece. Island hopping is complicated as hell. Was it worth it that we spent all our money/miles and had this TRUE VACATION? 100%. Greece did not disappoint.

To inspire you, I bought and hemmed and packed and wore this dress so that next time you see something ridiculous marketed to you and it sparks joy inside you, give it some air and see if it ignites.

PS: I could only zip the skirt up until the waist band, but not over it. But….the top DID have a sash attached that tied in the back after all…and it covered it! I’d only ever tell this to all of you. 😉

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