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“M. is a good friend you never knew until now.” 

A fan wrote that comment on my Facebook page and I loved it. I wasn’t organized to have a goal when I started blogging, but if I did, it would have been that. To feel like a friend you never knew until you read my blogs.

Life is crazy. Being human is challenging. Keeping up with your job, kids, relationship, and even your friends, can feel overwhelming at times. I hope my perspective can provide a little comic relief from both the mundane and the truly frustrating crap, so you know it’s normal to both love your life and dream about packing a bag and running away.

I won’t promise you much, but I promise you this. Whatever it is you think you are alone on, you’re not. I write what’s on my mind with lots of typos and a fair amount of swearing. I look for the honest hilarity in life, marriage, jobs, kids, and, reluctantly, being middle aged and share it with you in hopes it resonates and makes you laugh or think, or, hell, both.

Thanks for coming to my site, reading my words, and sharing them with your friends. Let’s be weird blog friends. xo

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