My husband watched this video of a woman removing a cyst from her boyfriend’s face and said he almost threw up. Naturally, I had to watch it because I’m insane. Immediately, I started freaking out and he grabbed my phone and videoed me watching it. The video below is me watching and reacting to it…not the actual video, lest you be scared you will accidentally see the gruesome cyst popping video. I have spared you that!

Now, I have seen cysts popped in videos before, because, again, I’m disturbed. But this…well, let’s just say I’ll never be the same! Apparently, there are two kinds of love: Regular love and “I will remove the cyst from your face” love. I promise you I have never known love the way she knows love for this man.

Take a watch…my favorite part is when Dan snorts from laughing at me watching it!

Thanks for watching and sharing the horror and the hilarity as seen by me.

If you want to watch the original cyst extraction/exorcism video (don’t do it!), click here!

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  1. 1. Why did you link to the video. I will not watch it. I will not watch it….ok, I might have to watch it
    2. I almost threw up just watching your reactions to the video
    3. Really? The picture of my wart removal profile pic was gross?? Really?
    4. The primary reason for my dermatologist visit the other day was not to get my wart burned off, but was to get a cyst removed…I only wish I had thought to video it–but fear not, I am having another one removed on the 22nd. I’ll ask her to use the most barbaric methods possible

  2. Okay, so that was sooo worth the wait. As usual I try to learn from experiences. Today I learned:

    1. Merideth’s a screamer (inappropriate, sure; but c’mon…)
    2. I LOVE and MISS Dan’s laugh!!!

  3. I did it, I clicked on the link, I watched 30 non continuous seconds of the video and I’ve turned into a pile of wobbly mush. I’m shaking and nauseated but so grateful that you watched it all because I wouldn’t have gotten to laugh so hard if you were as skittish as I am. (BTW, it took me five minutes to type this because I’m shaking so badly)

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