Acadia by Meredith Trotta

Hazel didn’t believe in ghosts. Funny thing, she had been haunted by one for twelve years. Henry wasn’t actually a ghost, but the part of him she couldn’t let go when he died so unexpectedly, so young, so in the middle of their complicated life. Going back to Acadia National Park, the place where the history of Hazel and Henry was written, felt like her last chance to let him go and free herself from the truth that kept her unable to move on. When she lobbied for the Acadia writing assignment, she expected to bravely face her past, one hike at a time. She never expected to meet three very different men who would help her reconcile the reality of her marriage by helping them work out their equally complicated lives. Alex, a high school classmate, struggling to find a way to repair the strained relationship with his father and his own troubled marriage. Bob, a recently widowed man in his 70s visiting Acadia for the 47th year in a row, but for the first time without his wife. And Cal, a free-spirited man who would offer his insights on truly living life, and maybe even convince her that it wasn’t too late to fall in love again. Two weeks in Acadia, three men, one ghost and Hazel. None of them will be the same.

Waiting for Georgia by Meredith Trotta

In two short years, Georgia Fairbanks went from hopeless temp involved in an even more hopeless relationship, to the star of the most popular sitcom on television dating Hollywood’s “Hottest Guy Alive,” Jimmy Cooper. No one was more surprised than her that this had become her life, and she wore her new fame like an ill-fitting dress, constantly fidgeting and pulling at it, hoping no one would notice her. At first, Jimmy found her inability to grasp her fame endearing, now he was frustrated. Something was holding her back from giving into the life she had always dreamed of, but she wasn’t sure what. On the flight from LAX to NYC, on route to see her college friends at a wedding, she allows herself to remember the summer before she got her big break and walked out of her life there without looking back. By the time she lands, she knows that what is keeping her from embracing Jimmy and the endless possibilities of her career is the unfinished business of that summer.

Campaigning for Love by Meredith Trotta

Samantha is fiercely dedicated to her job as campaign manager for Congressman Jack Halsey’s senate bid. So dedicated, in fact, that when his poll numbers show concern among New Yorkers about him being single she jokingly agrees to marry him. When Jack’s fake proposal gets picked up by The New York Times, she is unnerved that no one believes they aren’t actually a couple, not even her parents. Samantha is determined to set the record straight until a campaign stop brings her face to face with the boy next door that broke her heart…and his blond, Texan fiancé. Suddenly the idea of letting the rumor linger ambiguously seems harmless, especially if it makes Tommy Flanagan regret letting her go. But when the seemingly innocent scheme blurs the line between her work and personal relationship with Jack and makes Tommy question his engagement, Samantha struggles to figure out what she really wants in love and work. Will she run from love by running a winning campaign or will Election Day force her to face her feelings?