Peloton Bike Ad is Refreshingly Honest

So, I finally watched the now famous Peloton bike ad. I know, I’m living in a cave. I’m sure it’s all been said, but, for what it’s worth, here’s my take.

The gift itself seems thoughtful, crazy expensive, but thoughtful. I’ve considered getting one for my husband because he’s addicted to running, but injured, which, turns out, is worse than living with a runner! Who knew? He would also NEVER spend the money on something for himself. So, I’m not opposed to the gift.

Now, if the wife was really overweight, the gift would be super offensive. She’s not, so I think, well, maybe the husband is like me, trying to get his exercise addicted wife an easier way to stay in shape within the confines of her busy work/mom life. Thoughtful.

But then things get weird, like I can’t follow what’s happening. What I’m seeing with my eyes makes no sense with the words being said. She’s acting as if she’s *finally* exercising for the first time ever. Wait, what????

“5 days in a row…are you surprised?” She asks….Actually who is she asking? Me? Her husband? Herself, which I’m cool with as someone who regularly talks out loud to myself. No one knows. But to answer her, “Umm, no. You look like you have been intensely exercising your entire life and have never missed a day or eaten a single french fry.” Who could be surprised?!?!?!?!

This woman, wife, young mother, is in PEAK physical shape. She is exactly the ideal physique women are expected to be by media and advertising beauty/fitness standards….BEFORE she gets the bike. Which, good for her! But, this is where the narrative falls apart for me. Like crumbles.

I cant’ figure out how I’m supposed to relate to her being super fit and together pre-bike, and the big change of her staying super fit and together post-bike!! It’s like an underdog story/montage without the underdog anywhere to be seen. Where is the underdog?? I need an underdog!!!

Look, it has long been a dream of mine to suddenly become addicted to exercising. I still hold out hope for this magical day where I love to work out more than I like to sleep or watch TV or, hell, stare into space. So, if this magical bike can make me addicted to exercise, I’m in. But this ad doesn’t reach me at all. It reminds me of anti-aging products being shown on 18 year old faces. At some point, you start to get it. The secret to being young, is being young!

It’s kind of why Peloton is doubling down on the ad despite how it’s being received. They could have made an ad to show the bike is addictive for regular people, or convenient for exercise lovers, but instead they went with: “We make fit people more fit.” “Transform yourself from fit to fit.”

You know what? The more I think about it, it’s incredibly honest of them. Refreshing even. They saved a lot of vulnerable people, like me, who are looking for a magic bullet for fitness results from buying a $2000 place to drape our work clothes!! Thank you, Peloton!


  1. Christi on December 7, 2019 at 11:20 pm

    As someone who bought 2 NordicTrack pieces of equipment within a month of being an empty nester, I totally get your point. I did use it for a while and but have quit using it daily/weekly. I’m sure my New Year’s Resolution will be to use them daily. I was hoping the convenience would help but nope…still not motivated enough. However, I did put it upstairs and not in the bedroom. So, the good news is that I don’t use it as a clothes rack 😉

  2. Suzanne on December 5, 2019 at 12:38 pm

    I can’t even understand what all the fuss is about at all (which is what Robin Roberts said on GMA this morning and we are the same age so maybe that is the thing…..). I just thought it was funny because I got the Peloton for my husband who actually DOES need to get in better shape. I thought that was more insulting than this ad was, to be honest. Anyway, we both use it and love it. There is a difference between being thin and being in good shape.

    • M. on December 5, 2019 at 9:43 pm

      I so want to use it and love it! Cheers!

    • Karen on December 9, 2019 at 12:00 am

      I think it would have been a great ad if they showed the wife buying the bike for the husband; that would have been something to talk about in a positive way, what a lost opportunity, My husband loves cycling and has been eyeing a Peloton for a couple of years. Yes I agree it;s all about being in shape and healthy – the thin piece is highly overrated 😉

  3. Elizabeth on December 5, 2019 at 9:49 am

    I recently purchased a Peleton. When you pay for it monthly it was actually cheaper than the gym memberships that neither my husband or I ever used (and we can both use this, as well as the kids) I hate exercise. However my biggest obstacle was actually getting out of the house to do it. Sure I could buy a tape or app and do it at home, but there is something to be said for making a financial investment. And so far it’s been working for me. I can work out in my pjs. I can work out at midnight when I can’t sleep. I can work out whenever I want with very little effort, beyond the actual exercise and I still get the motivation of being “at a gym” or “in a live class”. As for the ad, I think if they had made it about a naturally fit women who realizes that being fit actually takes work once you reach a certain age it might have played better. I know plenty of over 35 yo women who were naturally fit their whole lives, and even skinny, who woke up one day and realized that just not ordering French fries wasn’t going to cut it. What irked me about the ad is that she seems to be doing it to please her husband rather than for herself. The blogging is fine, but when she sits on the couch like a puppy to show him how well she did all year that’s where they lost me. And I don’t think that’s their target audience.

    • M. on December 5, 2019 at 9:45 pm

      Yeah, I get that. I’ve always seemed skinny even though I struggle for fitness. The ad was totally fine except the realization that I’m too lazy to be in the target audience!!! Oh well. I once had her arms. I think those days are long gone for me!

  4. Meg on December 5, 2019 at 9:27 am

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts, I’ve watched the ad multiple times this week in complete fascination. I’m in awe that this campaign passed a review process. Huge blind spot by Peloton but clearly they have a niche – a very petite, beautiful, skinny (yet insecure) niche. I’m going to exploit this moment and protest them (and all fitness routines) for as long as I can. Especially now that my ‘I just had a baby’ excuse card has expired.

    • M. on December 5, 2019 at 9:46 pm

      Hahaha! Go easy on yourself. Having a baby changes your body and that card NEVER expires!!! Thanks for reading.