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My (Not At All Far-Fetched) Turning 50 Plan

I have decided tonight that my plan for turning 50 in seven months is simple. I’m going to get incredibly fit (I’m not.). I’m picking now because all those other years when I was younger were too easy (I was lazy then too.). I like a challenge (I promise you, I don’t.). And I think,…

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Why I’m Suddenly Obsessed with Brad and Jen

What hasn’t been said about this encounter and these photos? Well, I don’t know because I’m not super on top of things. But, here’s what I have to say… I’ve never been obsessed with Brad and Jen. Mostly because I’m obsessed with Jen for myself. Not in a “I’m hot for her way” (not that…

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Peloton Bike Ad is Refreshingly Honest

So, I finally watched the now famous Peloton bike ad. I know, I’m living in a cave. I’m sure it’s all been said, but, for what it’s worth, here’s my take. The gift itself seems thoughtful, crazy expensive, but thoughtful. I’ve considered getting one for my husband because he’s addicted to running, but injured, which,…

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Manifest Dresstiny

Do you remember when I posted this photo on Facebook? When I had seen this semi-silly dress advertised on Insta in the wee hours of the morning and delirious thought that I could buy it, look like that in it, and somehow manifest myself to Greece? Well, guess what motherfuckahs….????….. I booked a trip to…

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The Audacity of Forgiveness

If you’re struggling to understand how this man could forgive and hug his brother’s murderer, you are not alone. Forgiveness, true forgiveness, eludes most of us. Despite it being the cornerstone of many of our religions, still the act of forgiveness bewilders. Years ago, I struggled deeply with this very issue. I was mired in…

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9/11: America 18 Years Later

It seems impossible that 9/11 was 18 years ago. I readily know the amount of years because my daughter celebrated her first birthday a couple weeks after. I remember at her party how we were all so shocked and afraid for the future, while simultaneously trying to be positive about the life ahead of this…

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The Week Before Family Vacation

You’re not going anywhere until you survive the week before, which is a series of physical and emotional challenges that will push the limits of your marriage, make you question your love of your children, and make you question ever planning a trip in the first place.

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The Joy of Summertime Mushy-Brained Kids

I saw an ad for some kind of tutoring for kids, I’m guessing. It said something like, “Kids lose 30% of their school learning during the summer.” I’m pretty sure they were hoping that I’d be frightened, concerned, worried. But my instant reaction was not only to think, “Good,” but to say it out loud…

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Just Another Friday Night in Meradise

Let me start with, I worked until 7pm. On a Friday night. When I was finished I realized, with all that I did, I never made the presentation I was giving in St. Louis on Monday morning. Great. I’m no longer working for the weekend. I’m working on the weekend. Then I went to the…

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The Wildly Unsurprising College Admissions Scandal

Ah, it’s that college acceptance/rejection time of year, and no better time to really look at the admissions scandal that “rocked” the nation. For starters, I don’t know why it has rocked anything, or how a single person who has had a child go through this process, or has gone through it themselves, or is…

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