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Facebook Perfection Debunked in Four Posts

I’ve mostly made peace with all of the perceived perfection I see on Facebook. I get it’s basically a Holiday Card situation and everyone, myself included, is posting the best looking, most flattering photos of themselves and the most adorable and enviable moments of their family life. Just take a stroll around my website. Do…

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Mother’s Day Exhausts Me

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily take a massage and a shout out from the kiddos on Mother’s Day, but after fourteen years, I’ve figured out why it exhausts me too. I’ve boiled it down to these four reasons. I hate the question, “What do you want to do?” There’s too much pressure and expectation. The Mother…

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Poopgate 2012: A True Story of Parenting and Poop

I have the perfect questionnaire for anyone considering having kids. It would be 100 questions and every single one would simply ask: Do you like poop? If you can answer “Yes” to all 100 questions you are ready. I think somewhere around, like, 72 you’ll be like, “Wait a second, I don’t really like poop…

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