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Melancholy Christmas

Christmas is my favorite holiday. No surprise. It’s a lot of people’s favorite holiday. I grew up in a house without a lot of money, so we never got a ton of presents. Since I became a parent I’ve sort of overdosed on making my kids’ Christmas dreams come true. It’s been healing and fun…

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Twas the Default Magic Maker

‘Twas the week before Christmas when all through the house, Stuff was getting done, But not by a mouse. The stockings were hung By the chimney with care, They have to be filled, Insert a swear word here. The children were ignoring me all on their phones, While visions of video bloggers Taught them sassy…

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Buddhist Compassion and Metaphorical Face Punching

My philosophy of life is somewhere in between Buddhist compassion and metaphorical face punching. Not actually hitting someone in the face, mind you. I’m non-violent by nature, and more importantly, I’m only like 5’2” and 105 lbs, so punching anyone is not in my best advantage. I’m talking about proverbial face punching. As I make…

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It All Starts with Grease

Showing your kids the movies you grew up with. What could go wrong? After what seems like million years of watching movies with your kids about animated princesses, cars and talking toys, one magical day they are old enough, or so you think, to see the movies you watched as a kid. There’s nothing quite…

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